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Harry van Berne
Studied as a cellist and a singer at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam with
Erna Spoorenberg. In 1985 he graduated with his solo degree. He received additional
training from Margreet Honig in Amsterdam and Anthony Rolfe Johnson in London.
Harry is much in demand as a soloist in opera, concerts and oratorio perfomances
and has been invited to perform in Western Europe, The United States,
the Middle East, Japan and South-America. Harry gives frequent recitals,
accompanied by piano, guitar or lute and is also active as an ensemble singer:
In addition to his work with Quink he is a member of the Gesualdo Consort
Amsterdam and the Huelgas Ensemble from Belgium and he works on a free lance
basis with The Netherlands Chamber Choir, Weser Renaissance, Concerto Palatino
and Musica Fiata Köln. As professor Harry led many workshops and masterclasses
on a variety of themes in The Netherlands, Belgium, England and the USA. He is
professor of voice at the ArtEZ Conservatory and until mid-2014 head of the
voice department at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam. Harry's vast repertoire
stretches from the Middle Ages, Early Renaissance, Baroque, through the Classic
and Romantic era and includes music from this century, some of which was
specially written for and dedicated to him.
As conductor Harry leads choir projects.